Synaptic team are excited to announce the addition of several new features to Synaptic Pathways to further improve functionality for users. 

The new features include Ex-ante illustrations and reports, cost and charge comparisons, and investment switching facilities. Combined with existing features – including risk-profiling; Ex-post reviews and forecasts; whole-of-market product and fund research; and a valuation and contract enquiry service – Synaptic Pathways offers a complete end-to-end solution for financial advisers.  

Synaptic designs software tools which enable financial advisers to streamline end-customer onboarding, and present informed, independent advice in a way in which their customers understand. The combined Pathways product provides independent, whole-of-market financial advisor planning and research software for the retail financial sector in one technology solution.  

Risk in Synaptic Pathways is underpinned by the Moody’s Analytics platform, the accurate asset allocations and risk ratings associated with the Synaptic Risk service and FE Fund data, to give a broad range of information at the adviser’s fingertips.  

By bringing together multiple research tools for organisations in one application, Synaptic focuses on saving advisers time so they can optimise every customer contact.  

Automation is at the heart of the new software, with an optional Central Investment Proposition transforming research journeys from hours to minutes and enabling efficient delivery of streamlined, consistent advice. 

Synaptic Pathways, unique in the financial technology market, is built as a Salesforce™ platform application and it is integrated by design into Salesforce™. Synaptic has made Pathways available for both Salesforce™ CRM (Client Relationship Manager) users, or as an external application that can be integrated into other major CRMs. In addition, bespoke integrations are available on request.  

Ben Rogers, managing director of Synaptic, says:  

“The new features available in Pathways for financial advisers will further improve usability. By combining the latest technology with the power of the Salesforce™ platform, this solution will enable advisers to focus more time on their clients and create an even better user experience.” 

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