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2022 - Q4

Ignore the noise & stick to the strategy

Connection Magazine Q4 2022

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Ignore the Noise and Stick to the Strategy

Eric Armstrong
Client Director, Synaptic


Advice practitioners as well as investors have been living through some uncomfortable times. A consensus seems to be forming on how slow the Federal Reserve were in recognising that inflation wasn’t transitory, slammed on the brakes when they belatedly realised this and, in all likelihood, may be forced to reverse policy again. Some are arguing that the forthcoming recession was entirely avoidable and instead we will have to suffer a brutal, policy-induced worldwide downturn in business and growth.

Luckily Moody’s are here to guide us dispassionately through the doom and gloom and provide the basis for navigating the investment journey over the longer term, relying less on spin but the overwhelming force of human ingenuity in creating asymmetric returns for investors. Inside, we write about the current insights provided by the Moody’s model, as
accessed through the Synaptic research proposition.

In this edition of Connection, you will also find some typically outstanding contributions from our partners who are also able to make sense of the current situation and offer exceptional commentary and guidance. We are grateful for all partners’ contributions this quarter and hope you enjoy reading them.

Our main focus as a business is currently refining the newly launched Synaptic Pathways tool and working to induct our larger customers into the new research and due diligence proposition. We are also preparing for the opportunities we have to bring Synaptic Pathways to a wider audience next year. If you haven’t done so yet, call one of our team and ask for a look yourself.

Anyway, it has been our great privilege to serve our customers and work with our partners this year and it just remains for the team here at Synaptic to wish you all a wonderful festive season and best wishes for a more comfortable New Year.

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